Management Team

Mark Maxwell



Dr. Mark Jonah

Academic Dean

403.443.5511 ext 432

Dr. Glenn Loewen

Dean of Student Development

403.443.5511 ext 203

Janelle Conway

Executive Assistant President's Office


Dallas Derksen

Director of Prairie Aviation Training Centre

403.443.2349 ext 655

Kendi Dyck

Managing Director, Development and Alumni & Donor Relations

403.443.5511 ext 271

Pamela Fraser

Managing Director, Enrollment and Marketing

403.443.5511 ext 250

Elaine Maxwell

Managing Director, Finance

403.443.5511 ext 242

Trevor Toews

Managing Director, Information Communication Technology

403.443.5511 ext 861

Andrew Siggelkow

Managing Director, Operations

403.443.5511 ext 801

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Prairie College’s faculty and staff are a committed team of teachers and leaders who are passionate about what they do. In and out of the classroom, they strive to model the integration of heart, soul, and mind that allows for a vibrant framework of instruction, discipleship, and growth.


Adrianna Van Gurp

Admissions Counsellor

403.443.5511 ext 306

Abigail Rempel

Admissions Coordinator

403.443.5511 ext 304

Zac Parkinson

Admissions Counsellor

403.443.5511 ext 303

Mayanna Carter

Student Recruitment Officer

403.443.5511 ext 302

Chimane Hastings

Admissions Assistant


Bob Murray

Athletic Director

403.443.5511 ext 453

Geraldo Ferrari

Futsal Head Coach

Saulo Neves de Oliveira

Cross Country and Indoor Track Head Coach


Abigail Hysop

Administrative Assistant

403-443-2349 ext 601

Miriam Skelton

Finance Assistant

403-443-2349 ext 652

Bert Thomas

Director of Aircraft Maintenance

403.443.2349 ext 654

Kathy Thomas

Aircraft Maintenance Administrative Assistant

403.443.2349 ext 654

Campus Rentals and Events

Nancy Toews

Campus Rentals & Events Coordinator

403.443.5511 ext 816

Creative Arts Programs

Dianne Delgatty

Executive Assistant for DM and MWA Programs

403.443.5511 ext 306


Tim MacKenzie

Legacy Planning Consultant

403.443.5511 ext 281

Blair Stromstedt

Alumni Relations Assistant

403.443.5511 ext 283

Tracey Rempel

Donations and Database Manager


Bethany Parkinson

Administrative Assistant, Development & Alumni Relations

403.443.5511 ext 284

Food Services

Mike Olver

Food Services Director


Financial Services

Doug Johnson

Director of Student Financial Services


Jennifer Marples

Student Finances / Accounts Payable



Emily Kroeker

Library Director

403.443.5511 ext 553

Dr. Bill Nyman

Reference Librarian

403.443.5511 ext 551

Kristen Williams

Cataloguing Librarian

403.443.5511 ext 552

Online Education

James Fraser

Director of Online Education

403.443.5511 ext 503

Janet Osborne

Online Education Website Administrator

403-443-5511 ext. 502

Connie Nyman

Student Services Coordinator of Online Education



Nathan Horstemeier

Director of Physical Plant

403.443.5511 ext 812

Campus Security


Prison Bible Encounter Program

Gord Allert

Prison Program Director

403.443.5511 ext 437

Dr. Emma Karin Emgård

Prison Program Faculty Liaison

403.443.5511 ext 436


Phil Callaway

Servant Magazine Editor

403.443.5511 ext 261


Val Leuf

Campus Receptionist


Lydia Nelson

Campus Receptionist


Registrar’s Office

Cheryl McLim


403.443.5511 ext 312

Becky Scott

Assistant to the Registrar


Student Development

Rev. Gillian Blomsma

Director of Student Development - Women


Michael Bookless

Director of Student Development - Men


Bailey Rempel

Hyflex and Impact Ministry Assistant

403.443.5511 ext 332

LaRae Schmidt

Career and Calling Centre Director

403.443.5511 ext 554

Canada & United States Application

Applications for Fall 2023 (September start), Winter 2024 (January start) and Online Education (start anytime) are open.

International Student Application

Prairie welcomes applications from individuals all around the world! To begin the International Student Application please click the link below. 

Master's Application

If you are applying for the Master of Leadership in Global Christian Education and need more information visit the program page. 

There are many opportunities to make a difference.

Capital Campaign: Expanding for Greater Impact

In 2022 we launched a 5-year, $100 million dollar Capital Campaign. This ambitious campaign includes a major overhaul to Prairie’s facilities in various areas on campus. It is a long-term investment to equip Prairie to expand our reach and impact students to meet the greatest needs of the world for God’s glory. 

Prison Bible Encounter Program

Encourage inmates in three institutions across Alberta to discover or reconnect with Jesus Christ. This fund assists the students studying the Certificate in Bible program with scholarships, resources for classes, and instruction. 

Scholarships & Education Fund

Invest in the next generation of world changers for God’s Kingdom. Your gift to this fund reduces the burden of students’ tuition and allows more students to receive scholarships and bursaries each year. 

The Centennial Campaign

Prairie College celebrates 100 years of encouraging a Biblical foundation for life and career. This fund contributes towards the general operating expenses of the College during the 5-year Capital Campaign: Expanding for Greater Impact.

To allocate your gift, please select either of the donation buttons below.

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