A January 2019 article in ‘All About Estates’ claims that Canada has the most generous tax incentives for charitable giving in the world.”

You have a unique opportunity to create a plan that will not only result in a benefit to you and your estate, but will also leave your Legacy to those who will continue to meet the greatest needs of our world.

A January 2018 Angus Reid poll reveals that only 35% of Canadians have a plan that accurately reflects their desires.

Do you need assistance with your plan?  We’re available to help.  Please contact Tim Mackenzie, Prairie’s Legacy Planning Consultant.

Tim MacKenzie

Prairie’s Legacy Planning Consultant

403 443-5511 ext. 281

If you are curious of the Gift Planning Tools, please click on the different drop-down tabs below to learn more. Or you can click here to see a snapshot grid of these tools with their benefits to the donor and recipient. 


By including Prairie in your will you accomplish a number of goals.

  1. Your estate will receive a tax donation receipt for either Canada or the United States, which will reduce or potentially eliminate taxes on your estate.

  2. You will be leaving a lasting legacy for Prairie students.  Think of it as an investment with a forty year dividend and results that only eternity can calculate.

Click here to access an easy to complete, ‘three in one’ (Will Planning, Power of Attorney and Personal Directive), planning guide by emailing legacyplanning@prairie.edu  

  Please keep in mind that this is not a will, rather a template to help you plan.  Once completed, you will need to meet with a lawyer to have it formalized in legal language and signed.

Gift Annuities

Prairie gift annuities are a ‘four in one deal’ best suited for those 70 and over.

How would you like: 

  1. Income you can’t outlive.
  2. A generous rate of return.
  3. Immediate tax relief.
  4. Lifetime returns that have either reduced or zero tax.

All this and be philanthropic at the same time.  Sound too good to be true?  Try me, and discover how at: legacyplanning@prairie.edu 

RRSP/RRIF (for Canadian friends only)

What to do with those pesky taxes of your RRSP or RRIF.  There is a way to ‘soften the blow’ and potentially increase your income and lower taxation at the same time.  Check out how this would impact you by contacting legacyplanning@prairie.edu 

Revocable Deposit Agreement

An RDA allows you to invest in Prairie while receiving a market value return on your money.  Prairie benefits by receiving any additional profits that are earned beyond the return guaranteed to you.

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to cancel at any time and receive 100% of your principal immediately.  Explore this opportunity by emailing legacyplanning@prairie.edu 

Capital Gains Taxes

Depending on your estate goals and type of asset, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate taxes on these appreciating properties.  Let’s begin a discussion at legacyplanning@prairie.edu  to investigate how you could most benefit.  

Gift in Kind

Do you have a tangible asset (real estate or physical property) that you no longer need or you think would enhance Prairie’s program?.  Rather than sell the asset you could gift it.  Prairie would be able to issue you a tax donation receipt for the sale value of the property or value determined by a qualified third party appraisal.  There are some ‘hoops to jump though’ and Canada Revenue Agency rules to follow, but we’ve done it before and would be happy to guide you through the process. 

Let’s talk at legacyplanning@prairie.edu 

Securities and Mutual Funds (for Canadian friends only)

Gifting Shares or Mutual Funds is the most tax efficient way to give in Canada.  Using this method you eliminate ALL capital gains taxes on the donated shares.  

It’s an easy process where your broker deals with Prairie’s broker.  To get the ball rolling, please contact legacyplanning@prairie.edu

We will issue you a tax donation receipt for the value of the donated shares which is determined by the closing price of the shares on the day they arrive in Prairie’s brokerage account.  

Gift Matching

Did you know that hundreds of companies offer gift-matching programs?  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your gift.  Contact your employers  human resources office to find out if your company matches employee donations.

Life Insurance

According to a Canadian expert in the industry, 80% of life insurance policies are never realized.  What a lost opportunity.

This is a powerful tool that could be used in a number of ways and also enables one to potentially give beyond their usual capacity.  It’s also a great tool to use in the seamless transfer of property to your heirs.

Do you need immediate tax relief?  By naming Prairie as the owner of a life insurance policy, each premium payment qualifies for a tax donation receipt for the full value of the premium.

Perhaps the most secure way to use this tool is to purchase a ‘paid up’ policy naming Prairie as the irrevocable owner.  You will receive a tax donation receipt for the full value of the insurance policy.

Does your estate need tax relief? 

By naming Prairie as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, your estate will receive a tax donation receipt to lower or potentially eliminate taxes.

You can also include a clause in your will that directs the full value of a policy or even a percentage be donated to Prairie.

Using this tool to your advantage is a great discussion.  Let’s get one started at legacyplanning@prairie.edu 


Do you want to leave a legacy that will live on in perpetuity?  You might want to consider establishing an endowment or adding to an existing one.  Endowed funds are invested and from the returns we issue scholarships (scholastic achievement) or bursaries (recognition awards) to worthy students. 

Prairie also has ‘revolving scholarships’.  All funds donated are disbursed annually.  

This will go a long way to make a private Christian education at Prairie more affordable.

Contact legacyplanning@prairie.edu to see what option works best for you.

Legacy Planning


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Here are key opportunities you can partner with Prairie

We have launched our Campaign for Greater Impact to provide students with the very best learning opportunities and campus facilities for the decades ahead. 

In Phase One of this Campaign, we plan to invest in much-needed campus renewal, including: upgraded Infrastructure, a new Student Residence, Cafeteria, Worship Auditorium, and expanded Aviation Training Centre. A modern campus requires an investment that is bold, and even expensive, but each Campaign Project is strategic, and designed to enhance Prairie’s campus and student life experience.

Expansion of Prairie Aviation Training Centre

This expansion of PATC’s facility is a key project of Prairie’s Campaign for Greater Impact. It will increase the College’s capacity to train a new generation of Christian aviators to serve God in missions, and also address the growing need for trained pilots in the commercial aviation sector.

Scholarships & Education Fund

Invest in the next generation of missional professionals. Each year Prairie College distributes over $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students. We are grateful for each gift that reduces the burden of students’ tuition and allows students to fulfill their God-given professions.

Prison Bible Encounter Program

Encourage inmates in five institutions across Alberta to discover or reconnect with Jesus Christ. This fund assists the students studying the Certificate in Bible program with scholarships, resources for classes, and instruction. 

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Prairie College is educating students to pursue a Biblical foundation for life and career.  Your contribution to this fund assists in minimizing the College’s general operating expenses.  

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