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Issue 112, Spring 2023

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Strategic Plan

“Elaine and I moved from Toronto to Alberta to join the Prairie team about 13 years ago. Very early in our time here, I was captured by the mandate in Psalm 138:2, to exalt above all things, the Name of God and His Word. Consequently, we adjusted our curriculum to ensure full coverage of the Canon in seven courses that are part of every degree.

Those became the cornerstones of our strategic activity, and over time, God brought about a corporate transformation at Prairie, giving us harmony, renewed purpose, and profitability, that I believe is as miraculous as causing the lame to walk.

So, now, as we pass the milestone marking our first century, we look with great anticipation toward the future, trusting God and leaning into the challenges that will certainly come our way while staying true to our created purpose – to exalt above all things His Name and His Word.

Let me take this opportunity to invite you into our story. See where we are going, and if our plan resonates with you, step in. We believe we are in for an exciting story of God’s continuing work at Prairie – and we’d be honored to have you be part of it.”

Mark L. Maxwell


At Prairie, we believe that the importance of knowing, teaching and advocating for God’s Word has never been greater. Our goal is not just to enhance biblical literacy among our college community, but rather to impact this generation through the Scriptures as they find access to the Almighty, to His power, and to gain a greater understanding of the universe He has made. We have created the book and video below to share some insight of what this book is and why it is so important to us.

Walk through a garden of God’s names selected from the Hebrew Scriptures to see what they tell us about the Almighty. Imagine that each of His names is a beautiful flower, which comes together to form a beautiful and aromatic bouquet. But remember, this can be a risky beauty. Like the challenge that Moses faced, will we be open to not only hearing God’s name but also bearing it to the places he calls us?

If you would like a copy of either of these books, please contact the President’s Office 403.443.3030 or

Annual Report

Celebrating 100 Years of God’s Faithfulness 

We are grateful for all that the Lord has done here at Prairie College in the last century. He has impacted many lives through Biblical education to prepare young people for careers and ministries.  As we set the course for the next century, we need to continue to build and model a healthy Christian community on campus, and send missional grads who are well educated, biblically and academically, prepared to live sacrificially to build God’s Kingdom.

Best Christian Workplace

Prairie College was again recognized as a “Best Christian Workplace” in 2021, topping the BCWI scores from both 2015 and 2018 with a 4.38 out of 5.00. The college was featured in a podcast interview on The Flourishing Culture @BCWInstitute. Listen as Mark tells the story about how God has taken Prairie from what BCWI would have identified as a “toxic” culture to a “flourishing” culture.

Canada & United States Application

Applications for Fall 2023 (September start), Winter 2024 (January start) and Online Education (start anytime) are open.

International Student Application

Prairie welcomes applications from individuals all around the world! To begin the International Student Application please click the link below. 

Master's Application

If you are applying for the Master of Leadership in Global Christian Education and need more information visit the program page. 

There are many opportunities to make a difference.

Capital Campaign: Expanding for Greater Impact

In 2022 we launched a 5-year, $100 million dollar Capital Campaign. This ambitious campaign includes a major overhaul to Prairie’s facilities in various areas on campus. It is a long-term investment to equip Prairie to expand our reach and impact students to meet the greatest needs of the world for God’s glory. 

Prison Bible Encounter Program

Encourage inmates in three institutions across Alberta to discover or reconnect with Jesus Christ. This fund assists the students studying the Certificate in Bible program with scholarships, resources for classes, and instruction. 

Scholarships & Education Fund

Invest in the next generation of world changers for God’s Kingdom. Your gift to this fund reduces the burden of students’ tuition and allows more students to receive scholarships and bursaries each year. 

The Centennial Campaign

Prairie College celebrates 100 years of encouraging a Biblical foundation for life and career. This fund contributes towards the general operating expenses of the College during the 5-year Capital Campaign: Expanding for Greater Impact.

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