What Makes This Program Different

This 100% online program is designed for educators who wish to expand their leadership abilities and are especially interested in Christian education in a global context, whether that means teaching in a globally diverse classroom in North America or engaging in education around the world. This program also features an emphasis on the integration of educational technology.

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An emphasis of this program is on globalization and increasing multiculturalism in the classroom and, as such, participants can expect to leverage technology to participate in learning opportunities with instructors and colleagues around the world.  Prairie students will have access to translation software to assist in their projects.  All students must meet the English language requirements as listed in the Admissions section below. 


Prairie’s mission is ‘To know Christ and make Him known.’ Participants in this program can expect to be empowered in their relationship with Christ and be connected with other Christians from around the world.  This degree strives to bring the community felt at Prairie’s Three Hills campus to students around the world as they form unique communities with their fellow students and the instructors in their cohort. 


Today’s Christian educators and leaders need skills and practical experience in navigating the changing political, social, cultural and technological influences in education. This program will prepare Christian educators and leaders to work within the changing environment of global education.

Who is this program for?


Any teacher who wishes to develop educational leadership skills in Biblical integration, instructional technology pedagogy, and global education perspectives. 

Current or Future Administrators

Any teacher who intends to be a school administrator or is currently a school administrator who wishes to develop leadership skills from a biblical and global perspective.

Master's Faculty

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Cohorts: New Cohorts will begin annually in January. Each cohort will be made up of 10-20 students and will proceed through the courses together.
*Additional start dates may be added based on enrollment

Online Courses: This program is fully online.  Cohorts move together through the 11 7-week courses one at a time with short breaks between each course.  

Capstone: Throughout the program students will work on a six (6) credit Capstone project that integrates what they are learning throughout their courses. Students will be asked to identify an issue in their educational environment and will develop a plan to address it.

Bible Literacy Component: Prairie is committed to having all graduates achieve a level of Biblical Literacy which equips them for future ministry.  To this end, each student will need to complete a total of 9 Bible credits at a recognized post-secondary institution.*

These courses can be completed online at Prairie College at a discounted rate of 33% either prior to or during the student’s course of study.

For more details on policies see the Graduate Student Handbook   

Completing this requirement also ensures that students will qualify for the ACSI Principal Certification.  

Students may meet this requirement through courses taken at another institution at the discretion of the Registrar’s office.

*BT 501 does not count towards this total

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Support and train teachers in Biblical integration instructional design
  • Apply for administrative positions:
         Assistant principal
         Instructional coordinator
         Head teacher
         Department head 
  • Manage school operations 

Graduates of this program will meet the qualifications for the ACSI Principal Certification 

*This degree is not in itself a teaching credential. 

Program Courses

BT 501 Biblical Theology in Global Contexts 
EL 503 Fundamentals of Global Christian Education Leadership
EL 514 Education as Mission
EL 541 Research Methodologies
EL 562 Globalization and Christian Educational Change in the 21st Century
EL 564 Trends and Issues in Multicultural Education
EL 611 Christian Philosophy of Education in the Global Context
EL 620 Education Leader as Organizational Steward
EL 633 Integration of Biblical Principles in Education
SS 510 Helping with Trauma and Mental Health
EL 650 Digital Leadership in Education
EL 670 Capstone Thesis Project (6 credits)

This degree will equip graduates to:

  • Lead and teaching from a global Christian perspective. 
  • Engage in practical intercultural communication for collaborative purposes within the international Christian community.
  • Plan and execute strategies to operationalize education as missions within their local community.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in current research methodology including, but not limited to, action research addressing a localized problem.
  • Integrate Biblical principles and teachings in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in instructional design an coaching.
  • Leverage instructional technology to empower learners to further the Kingdom of God. 
  • Develop Biblically based principles and sound fiduciary practices in managing and being good steward of Christian school resources.  

The basic requirements for admission to Prairie College graduate degree programs are as follows:

  • An active Christian faith as demonstrated through the applicant’s personal testimony and
  • A baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution with a grade-point average (g.p.a.)
    of 2.7 (B-) on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). For applicants to the Master of Christian Ministry Leadership: 9 credits in Bible and 6 credits in Theology and/or Practical Theology.  Students may meet this requirement through courses taken at a recognized institution, subject to approval by the Registrar’s Office. This requirement may also be completed online through Prairie College at a reduced rate prior to the student’s course of study.  OT 112 Reading the Torah and NT 112 Reading the Gospels and Acts are recommended, followed by a Bible elective and two theology electives.  These courses may also be taken at the graduate level.  Applicants who obtained a degree from an unrecognized institution may file a written appeal to have their degree accepted by an Admissions Committee composed of the Admissions Director, the Program Director, and the Registrar. 
  • Demonstrated English proficiency. Applicants whose undergraduate degree was not in
    English must also prove English proficiency. They may do so in one of the following ways:

    •  The academic level International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) exam with an overall band score of 6.5, with no band scores less than 5.5.
    • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 90 on the internet based test with a minimum score of 21 points in each section.
    • Cambridge C1 Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English) or Cambridge C2 Proficiency (Certificate of Proficiency in English) with a score of at least 180.
    • Duolingo English Test with a minimum score of 120.

  • For more information and the mature student application process please see the Graduate Student Handbook

Alumni Bursary:
Any student enrolled in the Master of Leadership in Global Christian Education program, who has previously graduated from Prairie Bible Institute/Prairie College, will automatically receive a $1,000 scholarship per academic year.*

Alumni Referral Bursary:
Prairie alumni can refer students by filling out this form to receive the L.E. Maxwell Award.  This award is only able to be awarded to new students in their first year of study.

Church Matching Bursary:
Our Church Matching Bursary is available to all students who receive funds sent directly to Prairie from a Christian church (CRA Registered Charities only) and are to be used for paying the student’s tuition. This will automatically be matched by Prairie with a bursary amount up to $1,000 per school year.* No application is necessary. Please have the church administration contact our financial aid office at 403-443-3042 for more information.

School Matching Bursary:
Our School Matching Bursary is available to all students who receive funds sent directly to Prairie from a Christian school (CRA Registered Charities only) and are to be used for paying the student’s tuition. This will automatically be matched by Prairie with a bursary amount up to $1,000 per school year.* No application is necessary. Please have the school administration contact our financial aid office at 403-443-3042 for more information.

International Student Needs-Based Bursary:
We understand that for some students, converting their home currency to Canadian dollars will put them at a serious disadvantage.  Through the generosity of donors, we are able to offer a few students a more substantial bursary that would allow them to participate in the program.  The amount awarded will depend on the demonstrated need and on available funds.  For each cohort, a number of students will be selected to receive these funds.  To apply for this bursary or to refer a student who you think could benefit from this bursary please fill out the Master of Leadership International Student Needs-Based Bursary Application Form
Successful applicants will be notified after October 31st. 

*Note: Each student may only receive up to $2,000 in scholarships per academic year from Prairie with the exception of the “International Student Needs-Based Bursary”. All scholarships and bursaries may only be used to pay tuition and may not be paid directly to a student.
Bursaries tied to a specific organization may not be combined.

Teach Beyond Bursary:
Any students who are currently working with Teach Beyond can receive a $1000/year bursary.

ACSI Bursary:
Any students who are currently working with or at an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) school can receive a $1000/ year bursary.

RCE Bursary:
Any students who are currently working with Resourcing Christian Education (RCE) can receive a $1000/year bursary.

Application Fee: $50
Cost/ course: $1,200
Program Fee: $150
Estimated cost/year: $7,950*

*Does not include textbook or technology costs

Canada & United States Application

Fall 2024 (September start), Winter 2025 (January start), and Online Education (start anytime) applications are open. 

International Student Application

Prairie welcomes applications from individuals all around the world! To begin the International Student Application please click the link below. 

Master's Application

If you are applying for the Master of Christian Ministry Leadership or the Master of Global Christian Educational Leadership please click the link below. 

Information Request

Tell us a bit about yourself and an admissions representative will be in touch shortly!

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