Executive Office

Mark Maxwell



Dr. Mark Jonah

Academic Dean

403.443.5511 ext 432

Dr. Glenn Loewen

Dean of Student Development

403.443.5511 ext 203

Arts & Sciences

Rev. Dr. James Enns

Professor of History

403.443.5511 ext 448

Dr. Bill Nyman

Professor of English & Apologetics

403.443.5511 ext 551

Kevin Peters

Program Director Christian Formation & Counseling Professor of Psychology & Counseling

403.443.5511 ext 431


Prairie Aviation Training Centre

Dallas Derksen

Director of PATC

403.443.2349 ext 655

David Trebesius

Chief Flight Instructor


Kalvin Hildebrandt

Flight Instructor


Rick Rempel

Flight Instructor

403.443.2349 ext 608

April Schlieck

Flight Instructor

403.443.2349 ext 607

Michael Fox

Flight Instructor


Ramon Unrau

Flight Instructor

403.443.2349 ext 607

Ethan Cymbaluk

Flight Instructor

403.443.2349 ext 607

Slater Penna

Flight Instructor


Bible & Theology


Dr. Tyran Laws

Professor of New Testament

403.443.5511 ext 449

Dr. Megan Roberts

Program Director, Bible/Theology and Professor of Old Testament

403.443.5511 ext 434

Dr. Ray Yeo

Program Director Christian Formation & Counseling Professor of Theology & Christian Formation

403.443.5511 ext 433

Business Administration

Dr. Gary Schmidt

Program Director and Professor of Business Administration

403.443.5511 ext 446

Church Ministry

Kelly Steffen

Program Director and Professor of Youth and Pastoral Ministry

403.443.5511 ext 441

Digital Media

Dr. Mark Jonah

Program Director

403.443.5511 ext 432

Jordan Cutbill

Instructor - Filmmaking


David Snider

Instructor - Storytelling


Evan Will

Instructor - Photography


FMR / Primary Care Paramedic

Ken Cinnamon

FMR/PCP Instructor

403.443.5511 ext 430

Intercultural Studies

Dr. Mike Schmidt

Program Director and Professor of Intercultural Studies

403.443.5511 ext 435

Master of Leadership Global Christian Education

Sandra Paetkau

Program Director, MLGCE

Music & Worship Arts

Dr. Mark Jonah

Program Director

403.443.5511 ext 432

Denis Nassar Baptista

Songwriting Program Director and Professor

403-443-5511 ext 444

Humberto Vargas

Professor of Music and Worship Arts

403-443-5511 ext 454

Lewis Frere

Adjunct Guitar Instructor

Talita Louzada

Adjunct Voice Instructor

Chris Pompetti

Adjunct Percussion Instructor

David Robinson

Adjunct Bass Instructor

Mark Troyer

Adjunct Instructor/Producer

Outdoor Leadership

Dennis Landon

Program Director and Professor of Outdoor Leadership

Conner Cartwright

Assistant Explore Director

Hannah Landon

Professor of Outdoor Leadership

Practical Nursing

Jan Cinnamon

PN Instructor

403.443.5511 ext 451

Kyla Rodych

PN Instructor


Sports Management

Bob Murray

Athletic Director and Program Director of Sports Management Program

Saulo Neves de Oliveira

Sports Management Adjunct Faculty

Prairie College’s faculty and staff are a committed team of teachers and leaders who are passionate about what they do. In and out of the classroom, they strive to model the integration of heart, soul, and mind that allows for a vibrant framework of instruction, discipleship, and growth.

Canada & United States Application

Winter 2024 (January start), Fall 2024 (September start) and Online Education (start anytime) applications are open. 

International Student Application

Prairie welcomes applications from individuals all around the world! To begin the International Student Application please click the link below. 

Master's Application

If you are applying for the Master of Leadership in Global Christian Education and need more information visit the program page. 

Information Request

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Here are key opportunities you can partner with Prairie

We have launched our Campaign for Greater Impact to provide students with the very best learning opportunities and campus facilities for the decades ahead. 

In Phase One of this Campaign, we plan to invest in much-needed campus renewal, including: upgraded Infrastructure, a new Student Residence, Cafeteria, Worship Auditorium, and expanded Aviation Training Centre. A modern campus requires an investment that is bold, and even expensive, but each Campaign Project is strategic, and designed to enhance Prairie’s campus and student life experience.

Expansion of Prairie Aviation Training Centre

This expansion of PATC’s facility is a key project of Prairie’s Campaign for Greater Impact. It will increase the College’s capacity to train a new generation of Christian aviators to serve God in missions, and also address the growing need for trained pilots in the commercial aviation sector.

Scholarships & Education Fund

Invest in the next generation of missional professionals. Each year Prairie College distributes over $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students. We are grateful for each gift that reduces the burden of students’ tuition and allows students to fulfill their God-given professions.

Prison Bible Encounter Program

Encourage inmates in five institutions across Alberta to discover or reconnect with Jesus Christ. This fund assists the students studying the Certificate in Bible program with scholarships, resources for classes, and instruction. 

General Ministries

Prairie College is educating students to pursue a Biblical foundation for life and career.  Your contribution to this fund assists in minimizing the College’s general operating expenses.  

To allocate your gift, please select one of the donation buttons below.