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Services & Support for Current Students

Life at Prairie is much more than the classes in the program of your choice. Check out this section of our website for more information on your housing and meal plan options. Learn more about the significant focus on spiritual development for all members of the Prairie community. Know what Prairie offers that will help you thrive at Prairie. Plan to take advantage of all the opportunities that the athletics department has on offer. 

Community Covenant

For the sake of fulfilling the Prairie College community’s purposes, all faculty, staff and students voluntarily enter into a covenant. We understand this covenant to be a commitment to one another during the time we are involved in the Prairie Community.

Spiritual Growth

The whole Prairie experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, is designed to be an intentional process of learning to love and follow Christ in all of life.

Students are members of a transformational community that requires participation in specific spiritual growth activities such as chapel, Impact Groups, conferences, days of prayer and service to prioritize relationship with God and put faith into action.

Impact Groups

All Prairie students participate in Impact Groups. An Impact Group is a biblical small group community that serves as a vital context for developing disciples who are personally impacted by Jesus and who are enabled to, in turn, impact their world for Him.

Within the small group, every student has a place of belonging where basic front line care by the leader (another student), as well as mutual member care, is provided.

Student Success Office

Prairie acknowledges and embraces the fact that our students come from wide and varied educational backgrounds. Student Success is available to all students who wish to improve their academic experience, allowing them to achieve greater academic performance and personal fulfillment.

At the College, we desire for students to succeed in life and academics; therefore, we have a Student Success Department that strives to look after the academic needs of the student. When a student struggles academically, he or she can access help via this department. The Student Success Office is open to all students who are in need of academic assistance.

Students can meet with either Bill Nyman or LaRae Schmidt on an individual basis. Any student can contact the Student Success personnel via email ( or

Student Union

The Student Union is our campus student government body and exists to give a voice to students and to facilitate communication with the school. It also gives students an opportunity to build a community of believers through a variety of events.  The Student Union is committed to supporting Prairie’s purpose “to know Christ and make Him known.” Follow Prairie College’s  Student Union on Instagram.

Campus Safety

Prairie College commits to providing a safe learning environment that supports fair treatment of all members of its community and is conducive to relationships based on biblical teaching, mutual respect, cooperation and understanding. Prairie does not condone behavior that undermines the dignity, self-esteem, or productivity of any student, staff member or faculty member.

All members of the Prairie community have a responsibility to ensure that the human rights of such members are not violated. Such violation shall include the psychological violence of harassment and the physical violence of assault. Any occurrence considered to be a violation of this policy involving community members may properly be considered under this policy, whether it occurs on or off campus or during or beyond school hours.

Housing & Food

Prairie is committed to a safe, inclusive and exciting place for you to call home while studying on campus. Learn more about the options available to you.

Athletics and Recreation

Prairie student athletes compete in the ACAC league in futsal, cross county running and indoor track.  Recreational opportunities for students include student intramurals, a well equipped workout room and a popular climbing wall.  

Courses and Descriptions

All course descriptions are found in the 2022-2023 Prairie College Catalogue PDF. The course descriptions are found starting on page 54 of this document.

Health and Counselling Services

Prairie College students have access to a variety of support services while they are enrolled. Students can access the Kneehill Medical Clinic and the Three Hills Hospital. Prairie also provides referrals for counselling and a generous bursary to assist with fees related to counselling services. 

Careers Job Opportunities

If you are a student at Prairie or a recent graduate looking for employment opportunities to use your skills, search our job listings. All of our external postings are carefully reviewed.

Accessing Accommodations

1. Obtain information from Student Success and initiate requests for accommodation. Dr. Bill Nyman.
2. Inform your instructor that you are seeking accommodation.
3. Provide documentation to support your request for accommodation. The documentation can be IPPs from high school, psychoeducational assessments or letters from therapists or a Prairie Director of Student Development. 
4. Develop a set of options for accommodating your specific disability. The options may include examples of accommodations that you or others have used in the past.
5. Have research and resources available to help put the accommodation in place.
6. Keep written records.
7. Review and revise accommodation plans as necessary.

We will consider providing a variety of accommodations depending on student needs. The following are examples.

For Coursework

• Textbooks and course materials in alternate formats, including large print, audio or  electronic text
• Assistive technology (like text to speech software)
• Instructor’s notes on the Internet (Populi)
• Power Point presentations or notes made available in print or on Populi
• Note takers in class
• Flexible attendance policies for students whose disability causes them to be absent more than regular policy allows.

For Exams

• Distraction-free test areas
• Extended time
• Exams in alternate formats
• Computers and adaptive software
• Scribes and/or readers (not provided by the College, but allowed)
• Medical accommodations (for example, stretch breaks, food breaks)

Canada & United States Application

Fall 2024 (September start), Winter 2025 (January start), and Online Education (start anytime) applications are open. 

International Student Application

Prairie welcomes applications from individuals all around the world! To begin the International Student Application please click the link below. 

Master's Application

If you are applying for the Master of Christian Ministry Leadership or the Master of Global Christian Educational Leadership please click the link below. 

Information Request

Tell us a bit about yourself and an admissions representative will be in touch shortly!

Here are key opportunities you can partner with Prairie

We have launched our Campaign for Greater Impact to provide students with the very best learning opportunities and campus facilities for the decades ahead. 

In Phase One of this Campaign, we plan to invest in much-needed campus renewal, including: upgraded Infrastructure, a new Student Residence, Cafeteria, Worship Auditorium, and expanded Aviation Training Centre. A modern campus requires an investment that is bold, and even expensive, but each Campaign Project is strategic, and designed to enhance Prairie’s campus and student life experience.

Expansion of Prairie Aviation Training Centre

This expansion of PATC’s facility is a key project of Prairie’s Campaign for Greater Impact. It will increase the College’s capacity to train a new generation of Christian aviators to serve God in missions, and also address the growing need for trained pilots in the commercial aviation sector.

Scholarships & Education Fund

Invest in the next generation of missional professionals. Each year Prairie College distributes over $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students. We are grateful for each gift that reduces the burden of students’ tuition and allows students to fulfill their God-given professions.

Prison Bible Encounter Program

Encourage inmates in five institutions across Alberta to discover or reconnect with Jesus Christ. This fund assists the students studying the Certificate in Bible program with scholarships, resources for classes, and instruction. 

General Ministries

Prairie College is educating students to pursue a Biblical foundation for life and career.  Your contribution to this fund assists in minimizing the College’s general operating expenses.  

To allocate your gift, please select one of the donation buttons below.