Spiritual Practices

The whole Prairie experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, is designed to be an intentional process of learning to love and follow Christ in all of life.

Students are members of a transformational community that requires participation in specific spiritual growth activities such as chapel, Impact Groups, conferences, days of prayer, and service to prioritize relationship with God and put faith into action.


Gathered Together

Students gather each week to worship together in community


Hands On

Each student is involved in practical service to prepare for a life of service.

Christ Centered Community

Corrective Discipline

We respond with both love and truth to restore and discipline.

Impact Groups

Growing Together

Impact Groups are biblical small groups that serve as a vital context for spiritually growing together.

Days of Prayer

Seeking God Together

We schedule opportunities twice a year where we dedicate a full day to grow in practice of prayer.

Counselling Services

Life Together

As a Christian educational community, we seek to live according to the biblical standards laid down by Jesus Christ for His body, the Church. For the sake of fulfilling the community’s purposes, its members humbly enter into a Community Covenant that demonstrates grace while articulating our responsibilities within the Prairie community.

In joining this community and entering this Covenant we are, before the Lord, acknowledging our dependence on the power and grace of God to live together according to this ideal.

The Statement on Human Sexuality articulates Prairie’s beliefs of the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality.

The Statement on Historical Adam clearly articulates the teaching you will find in the classrooms on the historicity of Adam.  

Statement of Faith

Knowing the statement of faith that Prairie holds to will be important in anticipating the type of environment you will find yourself in.

Student Development Staff

Student Development staff members are privileged to interact with students outside the classroom and have an active role in encouraging those in various student leadership positions. Specific attention is given to equipping whole-life disciples of Jesus and fostering a Christ-centered community through co-curricular experiences.

Dr. Glenn Loewen

Dean of Student Development

Phone: 403.443.5511 ext 203

Rev. Gillian Blomsma

Director of Student Development - Women & Hyflex Students


Michael Bookless

Director of Student Development - Men & Student Families


Chapel is an intentionally carved out sacred space within our busy lives for worship, developing relationship with God and prioritizing seeking His kingdom.

Thus, chapel has a direct correlation to our motto “To Know Christ and Make Him Known” as well as to our Soul purpose “to be, and invite others to be lovers of God”.

All students are required to attend chapel.

Monday: Greatest Needs Chapel & The Way Chapel

These two chapel themes focus on cultivating Christ centered community while joining God in mission to address the world’s greatest needs.

Tuesday: Community Chapel

This chapel focuses on hearing the Word and worshipping god in community.

Students and staff at Prairie participate in a program simply called “Service.” There are two main goals for developing a service component on Prairie campus. The first goal is to learn to follow Jesus’ example when he “came not to be served but to serve” (Mat.20:28). We learn to serve by doing service. The second goal is to foster staff/student relationships. Through staff members working shoulder to shoulder with students we hope meaningful relationships develop between them.

During “Service” one or two staff members participate with each Impact Group in performing a campus task once a week, usually something quite menial in nature. Our intent is that, wherever possible, all groups will work together on the same day and ideally at the same time. Through this shared experience we hope to contribute to an authentic Christ-centered community that not only studies, worships and plays together, but also works together.

Our desire is to live in Christian unity. Such unity requires learning to reconcile and be reconciled, to give and receive forgiveness, and to graciously relate with appropriate biblical attitudes and responses (John 17:20-26) especially in the difficult experiences of our life together.

Each member of the Prairie community is responsible to participate in this restorative approach to life (Ephesians 4:3). We have developed the following processes to assist in working through challenging aspects of community.

Student Restoration

On occasions when a student falters or fails in his/her Christian and community responsibilities it is our desire to respond restoratively, with both love and truth, to that individual. Click here for a diagram that depicts the restorative or care-fronting process, and here for a paper that theologically informs this process.

Student Grievance

The intent of the Prairie staff/faculty is to treat students with both care and justice in all interactions. However, if a student feels that they have been mistreated in some way there is a defined process.

Harassment & Assault

Prairie is firmly against harassment and abuse of any kind. Students and staff alike can be assured that any complaint is taken very seriously. Our current policies and procedures around abuse may be found here.

All Prairie students participate in Impact Groups. As a group of mutual responsibility for helping each other in whole-life discipleship, the mission of an Impact Group is to contribute to the holistic Christian development of students. Impact Groups are designed so that students are encouraged to develop in
character, competence, and commitment. They are encouraged to take on more responsibility for others as they make progress through the College experience.

Each Impact Group is led by an Impact leader (a fellow student who has been approved by Prairie staff and affirmed by peers).

Canada & United States Application

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International Student Application

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Master's Application

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Here are key opportunities you can partner with Prairie

We have launched our Campaign for Greater Impact to provide students with the very best learning opportunities and campus facilities for the decades ahead. 

In Phase One of this Campaign, we plan to invest in much-needed campus renewal, including: upgraded Infrastructure, a new Student Residence, Cafeteria, Worship Auditorium, and expanded Aviation Training Centre. A modern campus requires an investment that is bold, and even expensive, but each Campaign Project is strategic, and designed to enhance Prairie’s campus and student life experience.

Expansion of Prairie Aviation Training Centre

This expansion of PATC’s facility is a key project of Prairie’s Campaign for Greater Impact. It will increase the College’s capacity to train a new generation of Christian aviators to serve God in missions, and also address the growing need for trained pilots in the commercial aviation sector.

Scholarships & Education Fund

Invest in the next generation of missional professionals. Each year Prairie College distributes over $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students. We are grateful for each gift that reduces the burden of students’ tuition and allows students to fulfill their God-given professions.

Prison Bible Encounter Program

Encourage inmates in five institutions across Alberta to discover or reconnect with Jesus Christ. This fund assists the students studying the Certificate in Bible program with scholarships, resources for classes, and instruction. 

General Ministries

Prairie College is educating students to pursue a Biblical foundation for life and career.  Your contribution to this fund assists in minimizing the College’s general operating expenses.  

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